Shiv Sena may file breach of privilege against Shobhaa De for “Anti-Marathi” tweets


Shobhaa DéOn Tuesday, author Shobhaa De had posted a few tweets relating to Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis’s proposal to have Marathi films screened during prime time in theatres. Anger quickly followed, and the Shiv Sena’s Pratap Sarnaik filed a breach of privilege on Wednesday.

In one of the tweets, De compared the Marathi film proposal to Dadagiri.

Sarnaik said that Marathi speakers and film lovers had been insulted and that if an apology wasn’t issued, he would move a breach of privilege motion against her. Shobhaa De responded by tweeting that she was a “proud Maharashtrian” and that she loved Marathi films.

Protesters have gathered outside De’s house. The police have provided security for the novelist. She also said this of the Shiv Sena: “This is the third or fourth time the Shiv Sena-BJP has targeted me for my views. The Mumbai police have been exemplary and offered the best security possible. But why should it even come to this?”

The government has defended their actions saying that the new rule would promote Marathi culture.

“It is the duty of Maharashtra government to encourage Marathi culture, a valid move to protect and thrive its language,” said BJP leader GVL Narasimha.


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