Sheena Bora murder case: CBI to question Rahul Mukerjea in Delhi



Rahul Mukerjea, who is in custody till November 26, was brought to New Delhi, after the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) for further questioning in the Sheena Bora murde case. The media baron was brought to Delhi after the court extended his custody. 

The CBI will question Mukerjea on financial deals, seen as a likely reason for the murder.

The CBI is scanning Indrani, and Peter Mukerjea’s joint accounts. The source of money in several accounts, including ones in HDFC, Barclays, and Kotak Mahindra, will also be probed.

Rahul is considered to be a vital link in the high-profile murder case, as he has handed over documents allegedly used by Sheena Bora to “blackmail” her mother Indrani Mukerjea, accused of murdering her.

Sheena, who was engaged to Rahul, was blackmailing Indrani, that if she did not give her a 3-BHK flat in the city, she would expose her by telling people she was Indrani’s daughter, and not sister, as the latter had claimed.

Moreover, e-mails exchanged between Rahul, his father Peter, and step-mother Indrani, have given an entirely new angle to the case.

Since he found their replies evasive and inconsistent, Rahul, trying to search for Sheena after she disappeared on April 24, 2012, started recording conversations he had with Peter, and Indrani, about Sheena.

Before the case was given to the CBI, Rahul gave the audio clips to the police.

As per the CBI’s chargesheet, Indrani did not support Rahul and Sheena’s relationship, as she feared Sheena would inherit property belonging to Peter, and her, which is suspected to be a prime motive for Sheena’s murder.

Though Sheena was allegedly murdered in 2012, and her body disposed of in Raigad district, the crime came to light only recently.


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