Sheena, Mikhail Bora, bequeathed property worth Rs 3 crore




Six days after Sheena Bora’s murder on April 24, 2012, her maternal grandmother Durgaranee Bora wrote a will. On April 30, 2012, she revoked an earlier will, and bequeathed her property worth Rs 3 crore in favour of Sheena, and her brother Mikhail.

The property comprises a bungalow, two semi-RCC two-storey buildings, and two Assam type houses. The will stated “due to some developments” her earlier wills have been revoked, including the one registered on November 4, 2009.

Considering Sheena’s marriage (with Rahul) “sans our consent and the fact that she has left us ( my husband and grand son Mikhail Bora) alone, therefore I revoke my previous will, executed on November 4, 2009, said Durgaranee.

As per the will, the two semi-RCC buildings were bequeathed to Mikhail for looking after Durgaranee, and her husband Upendra Bora, in their old age, and though “she has left us, I bequeath the two Assam type houses” to Sheena.

Legal experts wonder if the new will was Indrani’s attempt to show that Sheena was “alive”. In a mail to Indrani, a month before she was killed, Sheena claimed to have learnt of her possible disinheritance from the Guwahati property if she continued to be with Rahul.

Sheena’s March 9, 2012, email to Indrani says, she didn’t know whom to believe, and asked the latter whether the SMS sent by her had come from Guwahati.

The chargesheet also contains two wills Mukerjeas made — one by Peter in 2004, in favour of Indrani, and another by Indrani in favour of Vidhie, in 2003, for her Lower Parel flat in Mumbai. There was yet another will made by her in September 2004, soon after Peter made his will in her favour for a Delhi flat, to leave it to Sheena.

Duragaranee appointed one Hrishikesh Buragohan, as sole executor of the new will, which she said, would “come into effect after my death”. She declared Sheena and Mikhail as her “sole beneficiaries,” and the property to be “bequeathed to them alone.”

“It is my wish and desire that after my death, my husband Upendra Bora, aged 75, be my property’s sole owner, and after him, Sheena and Mikhail, shall be entitled to all the assets owned by me, movable and immovable,” said the will.


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