Sheena Bora’s mobile phone records nailed Indrani Mukerjea: Sources


indrani peter mukerjea

Even as Sheena Bora’s murder mystery becomes murkier by the minute with numerous theories and speculations, investigators are still to come to any conclusion. After it was reported that Sheena Bora was actually Indrani Mukerjea’s daughter and not her sister, as she had been presenting to the world, another big revelation has come to light. Mumbai police sources have further revealed too Tehelka that former Star CEO Peter Mukerjea’s wife Indrani with wily precision planned Sheena’s murder.

Sources, on the condition of anonymity, have informed that using Sheena’s phone records, Mumbai Police came to the conclusion that her mobile phone was functioning even two days after her murder. Investigators found out that Indrani Mukherjea was in possession of the mobile from which she is said to have sent a mail through her official mail ID configured on the handset to Reliance, her employers at that point, stating she is resigning from her job. This was done apparently to avoid any suspicion rising from Sheena’s absence. Indrani then went on deactivate Sheena’s Facebook account using the app on her phone and changed passwords of email IDs. Following this, Indrani Mukerjea is said to have traveled to Goa where she disposed off the mobile in sea where the salty waters did the rest of the job.

Indrani then went about telling people Sheena had left for the US to study whenever questioned about her absence. Many theories have come up regarding the reason behind Indrani’s horrifying step. As Tehelka reported earlier, according to its sources, a dispute over the money siphoned off from INX Media was the reason behind Sheena’s murder. Investigation is still going on to figure out how many people were involved in the crime and Mumbai Police sources are confident that the case will be wrapped up soon.

In the meantime, Indrani’s husband Peter Mukherjea in an interview to a news channel has expressed shock and claimed ignorance viz a viz the whole episode. Peter Mukerjea said that he believed his wife Indrani when she said Sheena went to the US and everything else she said to cover it up. In fact he stated that he was in the dark about her first marriage from which she is said to have mothered Sheena. The former Star India CEO said he is perplexed by the facts that are coming out in the public domain ever since the news of the murder broke leading to Indrani’s  eventual detention.



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