Sheena Bora murder: Peter Mukerjea to be questioned again, Sheena called Indrani a witch



Pter Mukerjea and Indrani Mukerjea
Peter Mukerjea with Indrani Mukerjea

Former Star India CEO Peter Mukerjea who was recently interrogated for 12 hours by the Mumbai police after the police  searched his home in Worli for evidence is likely to be  questioned again in the Sheena Bora murder mystery . During his interrogation, he  told the police that  he believed his wife that Sheena was her sister although at least three others in the family, including Sheena, told him she was Indrani’s daughter.

“Mukerjea is likely to be called again at the Khar Police Station as we are trying to corroborate his statement with that of Indrani, with whom he co-founded INX Media,” a Mumbai Police official told reporters. The police during the investigation seized a diary, printer, laptop and other electronic devices from Mukerjea’s home and are examining them. Given the number of laptops and other electronic items seized as part of the investigation, police may also invoke the Information Technology Act.

During questioning, the same set of questions given to Peter was also given to Indrani, who was brought in from the Bandra Police lock-up and made to sit in an adjoining room at Khar police station.

Some of the questions posed to Peter pertained to his financial transactions, especially his investments, his share in various companies, and how much money he had given to Indrani, son Rahul, step-daughter Sheena, and younger step-daughter Vidhie, who is Indrani’s daughter from her previous marriage.

Sheena was killed in April 2012, allegedly by Indrani and her former husband Sanjeev Khanna with the help of her driver Shyam Rai.

Indrani had passed off Sheena as her sister and Mikhail Bora — Sheena’s brother — as her brother, to her husband Peter and everyone else. She told everyone, including Peter and Rahul, his son from an earlier marriage, that Sheena had gone to the US for higher studies. Sheena was in a relation with Rahul and was living in with him in Mumbai.

Meanwhile in a sensational disclosure by the police, the diary of Sheena bears testimony to how much she hated her mother Indrani Mukerjea. E-mail exchanges of an aggressive nature between Indrani Mukerjee and Sheena Bora are already being probed by the Mumbai Police.

Sheena, as the diary suggests, was very lonely as a child. She writes: “Oh! Happy Birthday to me! But I am not happy. It seems as if I have got nothing in my life. Nothing! My future seems very bleak to me. Just depression has encircled me from all sides. Disgusting life it is. I hate my mother, that bloody b***h. She is not a mother. She is a witch…”


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