Shashi Tharoor questions Yakub Memon’s hanging

Congress Leader Shashi Tharoor
Congress Leader Shashi Tharoor

Senior Congress MP Shashi Tharoor has questioned Yakub Memon’s hanging, arguing that state-sponsored killing of a human diminishes us too, by reducing the entire populace to murderers. Supposedly aggrieved with the hanging of the lone death row convict in the 1993 Mumbai blasts case, Tharoor took to microblogging site Twitter to convey his disapproval. He tweeted, “Saddened by news that our government has hanged a human being”.

Memon was hanged at dawn, on Thursday, two hours after a fresh plea by his lawyers to get his death sentence stayed was rejected by the Supreme Court.

Rebuffing the oft cited justification for death sentence, Tharoor also tweeted, “There is no evidence that death penalty serves as a deterrent: to the contrary in fact. All it does is exact retribution: unworthy of a government”, adding that, “Cold-blooded execution has never prevented a terror attack anywhere”.

Shashi Tharoor, however added that he is not commenting on the merits and specificities of a particular case as that is for the Supreme Court to decide. He explained that his main contention was with “death penalty in principle & practice”.

CPI leader D Raja also reiterated his party’s stance of opposition to capital punishment, urging that India should say no to death penalty.

On the other hand, the BJP, in a bid to allegedly defend Memon’s hanging said that the Supreme Court ruling is a slap on the face of those asking for the acceptance of his mercy petition.


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