Shashi Tharoor praises Obama for writing Modi’s profile in TIME

Photo: Shailendra Pandey
Shashi Tharoor lauds US President Barack Obama for the Indian PM Narendra Modi’s profile that the US President had written in the prestigious TIME Magazine.Photo: Shailendra Pandey

Former MOS HRD and Congress Leader Shashi Tharoor has once again praised Indian prime Minister Narendra Modi. This time though Tharoor  praised US President Barack Obama for writing the Indian PM Narendra Modi’s profile in the prestigious TIME Magazine. The Congress leader termed it as a remarkable gesture.

Lauding the POTUS, the Congress MP from Thiruvananthapuram wrote in the micro-blogging platform Twitter, “A remarkable gesture by a US President. Whatever our political difference, Indians hop @narendra Modi lives up to it”.

Showing a close personal friendship with the Indian Prime Minister, US President Barack Obama written the profile with the title “India’s reformer-in chief” and describe Modi’s life story “from poverty to Prime Minister” as one that reflects the dynamism and potential of India’s rise.

“As a boy, Narendra Modi helped his father sell tea to support their family. Today, he’s the leader of the world’s largest democracy, and his life story-from poverty to Prime Minister-reflects the dynamism and potential of India’s rise,” wrote the US President.

Stating the Indian Prime Minister’s visit to United States, Obama wrote, “When he came to Washington, Narendra and I visited the memorial to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. We reflected on the teachings of King and Gandhi and how the diversity of backgrounds and faiths in our countries is a strength we have to protect. Prime Minister Modi recognizes that more than 1 billion Indians living and succeeding together can be an inspiring model for the world.”


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