Shai Schiller – The Cyber Threat Tracker


Shai SchillerThe existence of Shai Schiller, and the company he runs, WebintPro, is both reassuring and intimidating.

His career and background don’t sound intimidating: as one of Israel’s leading technology executives, he has extensive experience as CEO and Chairman of key organisations in various fields such as Mobile and Medical Technology, Investment & Financing and Renewable Energy. He is also Acting Chairman of a consortium including Ormat, Elbit, Refael, Yashir Insurance and other corporations involved in building the Center for Renewable Energy in the Arava region of Israel. Earlier, Shai served as CEO & Chairman of Axismobile, a leader in consumer mobile email platforms catering to worldwide customers.

What the career overview doesn’t give you, though, is an understanding of what WebintPro – of which Shai is currently CEO – does best.

It tracks you online.

Or rather, not you – not unless you’re a terrorist in the making.

In the world of cutting-edge technology and security, Israel stands head and shoulders over the rest. At WebintPro, Shai demonstrates why: the company has a host of proprietary tools and data management systems that help track terrorists online – often before they’ve been allowed to strike.

It seems an incomprehensible task in it scale and scope: to monitor the internet – that bottomless web of connections – for suspicious activity. To filter the harmless cranks, angry trolls and vicious but ultimately harmless rabble-rousers from those who seek to harm the world’s innocents.

With a team of experts who speak multiple languages, have media contacts across the globe, and are adept at accessing the ‘deep web’ for information from terrorist sympathisers, to technology-based tools like Virtual HUMINT that create the online equivalent of the real-world intelligence agent to monitor online spaces and social media platforms, WebintPro has unparalleled expertise in terrorist tracking.

Shai – acknowledged as one of the best-respected names in Israeli security – has extensive career experience that spans Israeli, American and international companies with multiple locations worldwide. Shai holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science and an MBA from the University of Maryland.


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