Sex & Tech

Vidya Balan
Issue Editor: Nisha Susan
Vidya Balan Shot By: Garima Jain


The Licentious Hema is Brazen, Alright
The Sexual revolution under your nose 



Edward Cullen and Billion Wicked Desires
The author of the world’s biggest sex study answers a few questions



Sext & the City 
How we’re finding a bolder language of lust 



Touch Me Again 

All you need is a smartphone in your palm



Cruisin’ without the Bruisin 
The gay party has moved online



Good Vibrations 
In search of a phallic symbol



The Shobhaa Dé Redux
Can she still titillate us?



Shooting Sex 
How Bollywood gets its stars to shed clothes and get nooky



Have a Little morality and see me in the Morning 
Trawling through the sex clinics in Delhi 



Naughty Bites 
Bakers gets kinky