‘Sex and love can exist without each other’



By Sharanya Deepak

A childhood memory that you cherish?
I remember sitting in a dark theatre, watching Gabbar, Veeru and Jai in a 70 mm stereophonic presentation of Sholay for the first time. The film had been running for five years and I must have watched it a million times after that.

Did you feel a cultural gap living in India?
I am part Italian and Irish but that dates back to my grandparents. Apart from being the only ‘white boy’ in the neighbourhood with a penchant for filmi histrionics, dancing and singing at the top of my voice at any given opportunity, I think growing up in Mumbai was pretty much normal. I also watched a lot of Hindi films with my grandmother.

What is your take on love?
It’s a personal emotion that depends on circumstances. But I strongly believe that love never changes, people do. Sex and love can exist without each other, but friendship is essential to make a relationship last for ever.

What is your deepest, darkest fear?
Losing my memory. I fear my knowledge of music, films and popular culture will vanish if that were to happen.

You don’t seem like a very ‘public’ person. Does fame threaten privacy?
We all love to have some time by ourselves. I feel that privacy is a personal right and there is never any obligation to live your life in public.

What are you most passionate about?
Creativity — in art, performance or the written word. This passion is the reason I have applied myself to many different genres of entertainment in my life. Akira Kurosawa once said, “It is wonderful to create.” This is one of the many sayings that I truly believe in.

Is there anything you want to change about your life?
There is nothing drastic, except that if I could go back in time and be born in 1948. I could live through and witness the birth of rock ‘n’ roll.


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