Separatists damaging economic avenues of common people: Omar

Omar Abdullah speaks during the budget session. Photo:PTI

Jammu, Mar 25 (PTI) :Attacking the separatist leaders for “marring the economic avenues” of common people in Jammu and Kashmir, Chief Minister Omar Abdullah today said they do not want to deal with the government on political grounds and indulge in arson.

“Separatist leaders are marring the economic avenues of common people and are bent upon disturbing peace,” Omar said in the state Assembly today.

Responding to a statement in the Assembly that separatists should be tackled politically, Omar said that he had always dealt with them politically and will continue to do so.

“But it is they who do not want to deal with the government on political grounds and resort to stone-pelting and violence,” Omar said.

“Show me one instance when police used force against peaceful protesters. They only deal strictly with stone pelters and those who resort to violence,” he said.

Taking a dig on the boycott of largest single opposition party (PDP), Omar said that instead of issuing press notes, making their views public through print and electronic media they could have utilised their right to represent people and put forth their points across through debates in the legislature.

“Their leader is talking of choking of voice of public representatives. Who has choked their voice? They have always spoken freely and ruthlessly in the Assembly. They have criticised the government. Nobody has asked them to remain away from the legislature,” Omar said.

He also appealed them to end the boycott and be part of the proceedings of legislature for the larger interests of people of the state.

The Chief Minister said that media is an important pillar of democracy and his government will extend every support to help the press in getting economically sound and not remain dependent on the government advertisements.

“Economic self reliance will make them more free and vibrant,” Omar said, maintaining that the vibrant opposition and vibrant press are necessary for vibrant democracy.


  1. it’s strange that Omar also said that Kashmir isn’t India’s attot ang in the assembly and Kashmir acceded conditionally on defense and, communication which interestingly isn’t a news for PTI. Biased Pandit run agency has been doing it deliberately.
    Zahid Shah (Lal bazaar)

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