Scriptwriters, FTW!



Tigmanshu Dhulia


Jimmy Shergill, Randeep Hooda, Mahie Gill, Deepal Shaw, Shreya Narayan


The Plot
Saheb (Shergill) is surviving his legacy in modern India where rising politicians and criminals are trying to kill him. His wife, the chhoti rani (Gill) was unfaithful once and his mistress (Narayan) is his haven from his issues. Enter Babloo (Hooda), the hot-headed city boy. In order to get rid of an attempt-to-murder charge, he works for the Nawab but only to spy on him for his enemies. And then the rest.

By Mona J

Stills from the film
Stills from the film

+8 To Jimmy Shergill, who pulls a class act. Also, is the only man who pulls off the moustache and themehndi in the hair without creepiness.

+8 To Randeep Hooda, who nails his part. More shirtless shots, please!

+8 To Mahie Gill, for being the perfect drama queen. Don’t miss the song where she’s drunk and her face works like a sad mime’s.

-6 To The Aforementioned Song, with Hooda playing the guitar. Also the playback killed the scene, and with it the performances. Minus 10 because this movie needed a far better soundtrack.

+2 To Deepal Shaw for pulling a Basanti on us. Plus four to Shreya Narayan because she has the eyes of a dancer.

+8 For The Realistic Sets And Locations,The signs of fading royalty, a palace falling apart and the remainder of the royal family loyals are done very well.

+4 For The Character Egos, and the power play. Priorities and emotional needs written very well.

+6 For the Beautiful Old School Dialogue, which is never without its poetic violence. Sample: “Yeh sadak banwa nahi paaoge… Tumhaare naam ki banegi.”

-10 For Not Pushing The Gore to the right levels. What stopped you, Mr Dhulia? The lack of good special effects or real looking blood? Without that, this might as well have been a stage play.

+2 for Doing The Sex Bits in a not-soawkward manner, while daring to show quite a bit of skin without making it an item number.

-10 To All The Junior Artists.They might as well be painted on a backdrop in a sound studio. This turned the entire movie into a diorama with lead actors standing out.


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