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Welcome, folks, to the medieval ages. Yet again. Come all you vocal and proud internet users. Come, let your rights and freedom sail on the waters of the pious Ganges. Because what will you do with something you can’t use anymore. Be good mum ‘Hindu’ Indians. Sacrifice. That’s what TRAI and Telecom operators will have from you.

If you have read anything about Net Neutrality or have at least seen the latest AIB video about the concept then I’m sure you know that Internet is about to change in our democratic nation. For those of you who STILL don’t have a clue, please read on.

Would you like your telecom operator decide and control how you use the internet? Would you want to pay Rs. 25 to browse the name of that song you’ve been humming since morning? Or would you rather be told that you can only use YouTube and not Vimeo? If no then you are pro-Net Neutrality.

You don’t pay for electricity based on which brand of appliances you use, so why should you pay for Internet access based on which website or app you access? That, in a nutshell, is what Telecom operators in India are pushing for. More money out of your pockets into theirs.


TRAI is currently running a consultation about net neutrality with a lengthy mind-numbingly technical questionnaire asking people to share their opinion about the idea proposed by Telecom operators. That questionnaire would most probably have been buried within the TRAI website had it not been for the AIB video which spoke passionately about the subject and brought it to the forefront.


So here’s what you can do if you want a free internet. Visit for starters. The website interface will offer you a ready-made answer sheet for the cruel TRAI questions. Go through the answers and then simply mail it to the email id provided.

Let’s join together to use the internet to save the internet. Do this for yourself if nothing else.


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