Saudi diplomat accused of rape, flees India, courtesy diplomatic immunity


Saudi Diplomat Rape Case
The on-going probe against the Saudi Arabian diplomat Majed Hassan accused of raping Nepalese women, has hit a major road block.   The accused has apparently left India. The embassy’s First Secretary being a diplomat, is governed by the provisions of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, says MEA. Hence, it was not possible for the government to prevent him from leaving as he enjoys diplomatic immunity.

According to media reports,  few days ago the Saudi envoy was called to give a statement to the police after they received the medical report of the two women which confirmed that sodomy and rape, had in fact, occurred.

Saudi Arabia has withdrawn the diplomat accused of repeatedly raping and torturing two Nepali maids working at his home near New Delhi, ending an awkward diplomatic incident for India. India took the unusual step of naming the diplomat Majed Hassan Ashoor, the first secretary at the Saudi embassy, in a statement  announcing his departure.

The statement said, Ashoor was protected under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, which grants diplomats immunity from arrest, criminal prosecution and civil lawsuits when they are posted overseas.

The incident posed a challenge for Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is due to make a rare visit to Saudi Arabia, later this year. At the same time, he has made improving relations with neighbouring Nepal, one of his top foreign policy priorities. The Nepalese women were rescued from the diplomat’s apartment last week after a tip off from a human trafficking group and the Nepalese embassy.

The women told the tale of their horror they had gone through, to the police. The women said that they were gang raped, assaulted and denied water and food while being held captive for several months. They said that they were raped by eight men, on one occasion.


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