Sartaj Aziz hints at visiting India for Heart of Asia conference


Sartaj AzizForeign Affairs Adviser to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Sartaj Aziz has hinted to visit India in order to attend the ‘Heart of Asia’ conference in India.

“Unlike India that had sabotaged the SAARC summit in Pakistan by pulling out, Pakistan will not respond in the same coin, but participate in the conference,” said Aziz. He said it was a heaven-send opportunity to defuse tensions between the two neighbouring countries.

Aziz’s visit would be the first visit by a Pakistan official after the Uri terror attack, which saw 19 jawans being killed. This event escalated tensions between India and Pakistan, leading to souring of ties of both countries and finally each country’s diplomats being expelled on charges of spying.

The conference would be held from December 3 in Amritsar, which is near to the international border.

Pakistan has accorded priority to the conference. It would devise ways and means to improve security and peace in Afghanistan, bogged down in conflict since a US-led forces did away with Taliban government.

Ties between the two countries, Afghanistan and Pakistan, are strained from the past one year.

Reason: Kabul accuses Islamabad of sheltering Taliban leaders and trying to intervene in Afghan affairs.

Aziz on November 15 said US President-elect Donald Trump should deserve a Nobel Prize if he succeeds in resolving the K-issue by mediating between India and Pakistan.