‘Sanjay Dutt is a big man, he has sources’

Why Him? Razia questions the disparity
Why Him? Razia questions the disparity
Ashish Khetan

Manzoor Ahmed has been booked under TADA. According to the prosecution, his car was used to pick up a bag containing weapons from Sanjay Dutt’s house. He accompanied Abu Salem to the Dutt residence and from there drove to the house of Zaibunissa Kazi, where the weapons were stored for a few days. Kazi has also been convicted under TADA. Manzoor’s wife Razia Bano, who now takes up tailoring jobs to feed their four children, speaks to Tehelka about the ‘injustice’.

Tehelka: Your husband has been booked under TADA for his involvement in the Bombay blasts case. He picked up weapons from Sanjay Dutt’s house.
 My husband has nothing to do with the blasts. The car (a Maruti 1000) was in my husband’s name. Abu Salem took him along. My husband went because he wanted to see what kind of houses stars like Sanjay Dutt live in.

According to the police, your husband knew that a bag containing weapons was picked up from Sanjay Dutt’s house.
Only the car was registered in his name and Salem took him along. Manzoor did not know the details.

But your husband has been booked under Section 3(3) of TADA — aiding and abetting terrorist activity
My husband blames fate. See, Sanjay Dutt has got the Arms Act and Manzoor has been booked under TADA when he had not even asked for weapons. Sanjay Dutt is a big man. He has sources. What do we have? I don’t even have money to pay the lawyer any more. Sanjay Dutt can hire the best lawyers. If I had money, I could also have hired a good lawyer


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