Saga of Missing RaGa



It’s the second coming of a crown prince. Rahul Gandhi is generating equal if not more excitement by his return than his disappearance. Sample this tweet by fiction writer Chetan Bhagat.

“If Rahul Gandhi is not coming can he at least send his slippers or something so Congress can place them at the throne and run the party?”

Controversy clearly seems to be Rahul Gandhi’s middle name.

The amount of primetime devoted to the so called ‘vacation’ taken by the Congress Vice President is worth noting. The leader finds himself at the center of almost all panel discussions on national television, regardless of the topic scheduled. The Congress at its end finds itself faltering in its attempt to field the uninterrupted volley aimed at the ‘missing leader’.

Yes Rahul Gandhi was missing. But what was about his disappearing act that raked up the interest of a nation? Was it the disappearance itself? Or consequences of the disappearance?

Febuary 20, Gandhi made a Cheshire cat exit on the eve of the Parliamentary Budget session. Speculation hit an all-time high. Why the sudden sabbatical? How could such a senior leader disappear without any information? What was the need of a sabbatical? Not that he had been working anyway. Why then a holiday between a vacation?

These are just some of the questions that will never find an answer. But what’s more relevant is that, the Congress party members, irrespective of Gandhi or not can go on as many sabbaticals without anyone really giving a tiny rat’s posterior. Because as far as India’s political scenario is concerned, currently Congress is a party people are more than filling to forget about.

I guess in every game of thrones there has to be a Joffrey Baratheon. Maybe not always as loathsome, but invariably useless.


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