Russia To Conduct Airstrikes In Syria: Reports


Military or police photo

Russia is reportedly preparing to launch airstrikes in Syria. But according their movements, US official said, their targets are not the dreaded Islamic States of Iraq and Syria.

The movements of Russian military suggest that fighting ISIS may not be the country’s primary objective even though it has earlier spoken against the terror group, CNN reported.

The country is also a close ally of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and may want to bolster him, while the US has repeatedly called for him to go in order to resolve the five-year civil war.

Though its purpose remains unclear, Syria and Russia have also established a coordination center in the Hamah province.

Recently, speaking ahead of a much anticipated speech to the UN General Assembly, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin said the recent Russian military build up in Syria was prompted by domestic security concerns, and denied plans to expand Russia’s role in the greater Middle.

Russian ground troops will not take part in battlefield operations in Syria “for now”, but Russia will continue to provide close support to Bashar al-Assad in an effort to “save” the embattled Syrian regime, he had said.


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