Russia terms India as dangerous travel destination, Goa to be hit hard by the advisory



Signboards in Goan beaches in Russian indicates the heavy inflow of Russian tourists .
Signboards in Goan beaches in Russian indicates the heavy inflow of Russian tourists .

Following the attack on a Russian Fighter jet by Turkey for  allegedly violating its airspace, Russia  has  in  tough advisory to its citizens has struck off India from the list of safe travel destinations recommended , according to a report by a Russian news agency. The decision will be a major blow to Goa as most of its foreign tourists comprise of Russians. Goa is already witnessing a reduction in the arrival of Russian tourists after the devaluation of rouble.

The Russian information centre in Goa  released a statement saying that a revised travel advisory has been formulated after the blacklisting of Turkey and Egypt.

Russian President Vladimir Putin had cancelled all the flights heading towards Egypt after the explosion of a Russian passenger plane over the Sinai peminsula. He also urged the citizens of Russia to cancel their vacations in Turkey after a Russian fighter jet was shot down by Turkish missiles .

Commenting on Russia’s decision, head of the Russian information centre, Ekaterina Belyakova said, “Both India and Goa were not considered as good destinations for Russian travellers.” Among the destinations which are tagged safe for Russian tourists now include, Cuba, Southern China and south Vietnam.

It may be recalled that Russians constitute almost half of the total foreign visitor in Goa. Since 2002, the number of Russian tourists has been on the rise steadily. In 2013, the number of Russian tourists visiting Goa was 250,000.



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