RSS Backed Emergency In 1975, Claims Ex IB Chief TV Rajeswar

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Former Intelligence Bureau chief TV Rajeswar has claimed that RSS had supported Emergency and the then Sangh chief Balasaheb Deoras had tried to establish contact with then PM Indira Gandhi. Rajeswar has also claimed that the former PM Indira Gandhi was aware of what was happening during the Emergency but may not have realised the seriousness of its impact on people and the consequences.

Rajeswar was the deputy chief of IB when Emergency was imposed. He also claimed that Indira Gandhi was initially favoured to lift Emergency six months after it was imposed but Sanjay Gandhi was against it. “Not only they (RSS) were supportive of this, they wanted to establish contact apart from Mrs Gandhi, with Sanjay Gandhi also,” Rajeswar said, speaking to a news channel

Rajeswar said, ‘It is “correct” , I was “absolutely sure of it”‘, responding when asked about certain passages in his book The Crucial Years which talk about RSS supporting the Emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi on June 25-26, 1975. After his retirement, Rajeswar served as Governor of Sikkim and Uttar Pradesh after his retirement from service.

When told that though Deoras was keen to meet Gandhi, Rajeswar replied that she did not do so as she did not want to be seen close to the organisation. Rajeswar said “apparently he wanted to express support to the measures taken”, when asked about his claim that Deoras had also wanted to meet Sanjay Gandhi.

The former IB chief also suggested that the idea of Emergency was given by Sidharth Shankar Ray and that he had learnt about imposition of Emergency the next day. Gandhi was aware of what was happening during the Emergency but how serious the impact was on the people and the consequences, she may not have realised, Rajeswar added.


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