Row after Kerala house canteen serves beef on menu

Kerala House in  Delhi
Kerala House in Delhi

The row over beef refuses to die down; in another incident in the capital, a sudden PCR call, complaining about beef curry being served at the Kerala House, threw police into a tizzy, and a team had to be sent there to avert any “untoward incident”.  The complaint was made by a member of the right-wing Hindu Sena who said the guest house in its  canteen, Samriddhi, near Jantar Mantar, was serving “beef curry”

 “We dealt with the matter with necessary alertness and took our position. The objective was to ensure that law and order is not disrupted,” said DCP (New Delhi) Jatin Narwal.

A senior police official said that, the police were not concerned about whether the said meat was served at the aforementioned place, as that doesn’t constitute any criminal offence. The role of police was to avert possible hooliganism and ensure that law and order is maintained.

The team remained deployed there for several hours and had conversations with the officials at the site. The police also informed them about the PCR call and later returned, assuring that “things were under control”.

Still reeling after the dastardly Dadri Lynching incident, the police were taking no chances, as beef-related untoward incidents have been occurring across the country over the past few weeks. So, the Delhi Police had every reason to get worried and hence dispatch its personnel to Kerala House to prevent any such incident from taking place.

This is not the first time the Hindu Sena has caused a stir and directed its ire on beef. The Hindu Sena allegedly smeared ink on Jammu and Kashmir MLA Engineer Rashid for holding a “beef party”. Rashid was attacked when he was holding a press conference in connection with the death of a Valley trucker who was attacked in Udhampur over “beef” rumours.

Reacting to the police action, Kerala CM Oomen Chandy said, “Kerala house is not a private hotel, police should have shown restraint.”


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