Rot Runs Deeper in MP


Even at Barkatullah University, his selection of 13 faculty members was questioned by senate of the university. They had also filed a case against the said appointments in the Madhya Pradesh High Court. One such appointment was that of Shruti Aggarwal, who was selected as assistant professor of english. She is the wife of professor Sanjay Aggarwal of National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research (NITTTR. Insiders inform that Vijay Aggarwal, former director of nitttr lobbied for Shruti’s appointment.

Vijay himself is accused of various corruption charges at nitttr during his tenure as director. He also allegedly abused the students of the institute for protesting against his wrongdoings. According to the sources in the college, he is the most corrupt of all. “He awarded construction contracts without inviting tenders and recruited people for various posts without advertising the vacancies. He even rented out the vacant servant quarters at the campus to outsiders,” says a source wishing not to be named.

The source adds further that Sanjay was Vijay’s partner-in-crime. A CBI enquiry is pending against Vijay. Vijay is also said to be close to the governor. nitttr is a centrally-administered institute and even then the state governor used to visit the college very often.

In order to please the then UPA government, BJP detractors, like Teesta Setalvad, were also invited to deliver lecture at the institute.

OP Shukla (who is in jail over Vyapam scam), former secretary to Laxmikant Sharma, got his brother-in-law Sanjay Mishra to NITTTR as a research associate. With no experience in engineering, Mishra was selected over other eligible candidates in the fray.

Another board member of nitttr is professor RB Shivagunde, who is director of Pandit Sundarlal Sharma Institute of Vocational Education. Shivagunde as board member of nitttr also supported all corrupt deeds of Vijay and latter, in turn, selected Shivagunde’s wife as a professor of electrical engineering. Though she was appointed to teach power systems, her M.Tech and Ph.D specialisations were in a different stream of electrical engineering. However, she was chosen over other eligible candidates.

Another beneficiary, Pradhan was a doctor at Raj Bhavan in Bhopal and because of her connection with Yadav, her daughter-in-law Roli Pradhan was selected for the post of assistant professor at nitttr, though she is just a B.Com with an mba. As per nitttr eligibility criteria, assistant professor should be a be with mba (as it is a technical institute).

She was also given three additional increments at the time of selection without any justification. Professor Sharad Pradhan, husband of Roli Pradhan, is also a professor at nitttr Bhopal, but he runs unauthorised coaching classes in Bhopal for students of private engineering colleges. He was allowed to do so because of his proximity to Vijay (it is rumoured that Vijay has stakes in this coaching institute).

Another tainted figure who got a plum posting is Sudhir Kumar Badhoria. He was the Vyapam exam controller before Pankaj Trivedi and irregularities in admission were also reported during his tenure.

He is the brother-in-law of Union Labour Minister Narendra Singh Tomar and hence posted as director of Shri Govindram Seksaria Institute of Technology and Science, Indore. Surprisingly, his name didn’t even figure in the list of the accused. However, the cbi has recently registered an fir against him for his role in the Vyapam scam.

All such corrupt activities are going on smoothly because the people entrusted with checking the malaise are handpicked by the education mafia. For example, the CVO (Chief Vigilance Officer) at NITTTR should be the senior most professor as per the Government of India guidelines. However, Vijay appointed professor Khambayat as cvo by ignoring the seniority of six professors, as they were honest.

Now there are many complaints against Vijay, even then Khambayat is doing nothing. Two professors from nitttr have given in writing to Khambyat that they were pressurised by Vijay to do illegal activities, but nothing happened.


Another reputed engineering college in the state, Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology (MANIT is also neck deep in corruption. An anti-corruption activist Sharad Kumre, whose wife is a professor at manit, exposed the wrongdoings at the institute and had to pay a heavy price for it.

His wife, Lakshmi Kumre’s thesis was rejected and they were asked to vacate the official accommodation given to them. When all these did not work, the college terminated the services of Kumre’s wife on false pretext. Finally, court came to their rescue and stayed the termination order.

Sanjeev Saxena, an accused in the Vyapam scam, was the mastermind behind the illegal recruitments at MANIT. He is said to have amassed huge wealth by taking up contracts at manit and illegally recruiting people for various posts.

Despite passing out from manit in 1993, his writ still runs on the campus. His sister Archana Saxena was the head librarian at MANIT and was accused of stealing books worth 1 crore.

He even got his wife and sister-in-law employed at the institute. Saxena also owns the Radharaman Group of Institution in Bhopal and has interests in mining as well.

When the college failed to take any action, Kumre approached the high court and filed a PIL, which was rejected. “I had provided them all the documents, even then it was rejected,” he says.

Later, he wrote repeated letters to the Ministry of Human Resource Development and the President of India about the misdeeds at the institute.

Resultantly, various committees were formed which found irregularities and cancelled most of the recruitments at manit. However, Saxena escaped unscathed following a cbi enquiry.

“The virus of corruption has infected almost the all the government institutes in the state. The education mafia has taken over, who is getting themselves and their relatives selected at the expense of eligible candidates.

With such selections, the quality of teaching has gone down and this is a loss beyond repair,” a professor concludes wishing anonymity.

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