Rockstar is the setting, not the story



Imtiaz Ali

Ranbir Kapoor, Nargis Fakhri, Shammi Kapoor, Aditi Rao Hydari, Piyush Mishra, Kumud Mishra

Senti Meter
Rockstar -2

Watch it if you’re an Imtiaz Ali/ Ranbir Kapoor fan. If you’re a Rahman fan, buy the damn CD and leave us alone!

Stills from the film

The Plot
Bourge-waasi Janardan (Ranbir) wants to be Jim Morrison. He is good with the guitar and has at least one good song, but because he is vernacular, the ‘dudes’ don’t take him seriously. Enabled by the canteen manager, he goes looking for heartbreak and ends up running into Heer (Nargis), who is betrothed to another. Then she ties the knot and he suffers only to become a rockstar. Then the milna-bichhadna and death.

+4 To The Opening Sequence where they introduce the Rockstar. Now say the words “Vipul Shah” and I’ll show you how to facepalm.

+3 Because Imtiaz Ali shows us good and valid urban ennui when Janardan is having his creative crisis.

+2 Because What Imtiaz Ali Is Aso Great At Showing Usis how to fall in love. But after Love Aaj Kal and Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, this Delhi kitschy fun feels slightly stale.

+2 For A Girl Making A Rape Joke in a B-grade movie hall in Delhi! Minus two for the scrawny emo little sister, character with great potential but kinda lost.

+8 To Ranbir who, along with the editor, holds the movie together. Plus two to the new girl because she so pretty!

+4 To Aarti Bajaj, who with her chops and cuts, makes this a delightful anachronistic telling of story.

-6 Because O, The Post-Interval WTF that we feel! Highly uninspiring. Plus six to the Mishras for a brilliant job managing a rockstar.

-10 Because You Needed A Real Musician working with the storyteller, to make a cache of songs to escape film composer Rahman.

-4 They Blurred The Word Tibet in a Free Tibet poster at a concert. Plus four for the Kashmiri wedding on the mainstream screen.

-7 Because There Are No Drugs! None! I mean, I get the whole love-is-a-drug angle but seriously, even the PG-13 crowd doesn’t believe it.

-10 Because Dear Imtiaz, What’s Up With The Climax? If only Khatana-bhai bought shares in a fruit company, you’d have Forrest Gump and the Angry Inch.

+2 To Aditi Rao Hydari, the diligent reporter who should have had more screen time.


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