Rio Olympics removes protective headgear for boxers


Olympics_logo.svg copyBoxers making their way to Rio Olympics will now have to discard the protective headgear. Coaches are having a hard time persuading the boxers to spar sans the headgear,  a sure invitation for cuts and bruises.

Due to high safety concerns and wellness of participants, protective headgear or pads were introduced in the Olympics for the players in 1984 and now it has been taken-off from the players heading for Rio Olympics.

The International Boxing Association (AIBA) giving scientific reasons for their new decision. Even International Olympic Committee agreed to support the AIBA’s decision that headgear reduced the frequency of knockouts and prevented the boxers from the concussion.

The changes will continue after Rio Olympics too. The AIBA, which has not altered headgear rules for women boxers, may remove their headgear next year.

This apart, the male boxers, who wear tank tops in the ring, are likely to see them removed soon.

But all the boxers in Rio will have to take care that one cut could close the gates of Olympics.