RGV continues to embarrass himself

Ram Gopal Varma and Omar Abdullah
Ram Gopal Varma and Omar Abdullah

Ram Gopal Varma is known to court controversy through some off-the-cuff remarks on Twitter. After his misplaced thoughts on Ganesh Chaturthy, RGV bares his intellectual bankruptcy over India’s defeat in the semifinal against Australia. He said through the social media platform how happy he is for the loss India suffered against Australia as he feels cricket is making people unproductive. Going further he says the game is a sheer waste of time. Blah, blah, blah….

It’s a known fact that RGV is going through the worst phase of his career with every movie of his flopping left, right and centre. So much so that even some of his progenies have refused to work with him considering the turkeys he is delivering at the box office. All these remarks are nothing but to express his anguish over his repeated failures. It is very much clear as we all know successive failures can push anyone into a zone of negativity.

In the past also he had been given perfect riposte for his below-the-belt remarks. This time round, it’s none other than the NC leader Omar Abdullah who has decided to make RGV eat humble pies. His reply was “No wonder his movies are all-time block busters”. Probably he was chiding at RGV’s penchant for conjuring up one disaster after the another. Whatever it is, one must say Omar, despite biting the dust in the recently concluded polls in Jammu & Kashmir, has not lost his sense of humour at all. As for RGV, India’s unsuccessful campaign down under does not even come close to the debacle called ‘Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag’.


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