Play Review: Aise Din Aaye Kaise – How did Such Days Arrive

Pic for representation only
Pic for representation only

Aise Din Aaye Kaise (How did Such Days Arrive), a play translated by Noor Zaheer and directed by K.S. Rajendran, is a Hindi version of Bertolt Brecht’s “The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui.” The play was held in the Sri Ram Centre for Performing Arts . While Brecht’s play is a satire on Hitler, Rajendran’s version has been cleverly moulded to fit the Indian political scenario. Politicians are shown to have been promoted by the aristocrats (Prussian Junkers in Brecht’s version). Corrupt politicians are shown to be celebrated by the masses who are none the wiser of their misdeeds.

Arturo Ui in Rajendran’s play can be related to various politicians in India. After gaining power, Ui washes his hands off Dogsborough who presented him with a platform in the very first place. This can be related to LK Advani taking a backseat in active politics after Narendra Modi’s rise to power. The popularity of J. Jaylalitha in Tamil Nadu is depicted in the popularity of Dogsborough, who, in the play supports the rise of Ui who happens to be a gangster. The senior members in political parties take the form of the Cauliflower Trust (foolgobhi trust) in the play that support Ui’s rise to power. There is provision of free will which is conditional only with respect to acceptance of Ui’s requirements and demands. Lastly the masses are shown to be mere spectators devoid of any will to take a stand against the horrific deeds of these miscreants.

The play ends with a plea to the audience to open their eyes and see for themselves the prevalence of anti-social elements and to stand up for righteousness. All the while the play maintains a satirical nature and at the same time appeals to the masses. The title of the play rightly questions how the arrival of such days is even possible where crime is gone unnoticed by the people.


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