Reservation Issue: Now Paswan bats for SC/ST quota in private sector



Secular champion Ram Vilas Paswan has called for the sacking of Orissa’s Government
Ram Vilas Paswan

The BJP -led government is already facing the heat over the suicide of a dalit student in Hyderabad Rohith Vemula and now comes another demand for the party. In a latest, the Union Minister Ram Vilas Paswan has demanded the Centre to come up with a law which entitles the backward classes to reservation in the private sector jobs as it would help in the development of backward classes, SC and STs in the country.

“We demand that there should be a law which enables there should be reservation for backward classes, SCs and STs in the private sector jobs too. We see that even after so many years of independence the condition of Dalits in the country is still very bad,” Paswan told reporters on the sidelines of a party programme .

Paswan, the Union Minister of Food and Public Distribution, said as the private companies are availing benefits from the government they should also provide reservation to the dalits.

Paswan further demanded that Centre should come up with residential schools in blocks of country where there will be 75 percent reservation for the dalits. While talking about future plans of LJP in West Bengal, Paswan said party has plans to contest elections in the state.

Paswan had earlier backed the government over the Rohith Vemula suicide issue.  He said that the Centre has ordered a judicial inquiry into the suicide of the young Dalit scholar and the incident has been regretted by the Prime Minister himself, Union Minister Ram Vilas Paswan on Jan 23 charged the opposition parties with indulging in “petty politics” over the issue.

“Everybody is saddened by the suicide of Rohith Vemula. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has himself, publicly, expressed his grief over the tragedy. A judicial inquiry has been ordered and the probe is expected to be complete within three months. Further questions should not be raised until then. Though it appears that some of our opponents want to indulge in petty politics”, Paswan said.