Reports: Flipkart to close website and go mobile within a year


FlipkartIt was recently announced that Flipkart owned fashion portal Myntra would close its website on the 1st of May and shift to a mobile-only service. This was believed to have happened because Myntra received 80% of its traffic and 70% of its sales from its mobile application.

In a conversation with The Economic Times, the Vice President of Flipkart Michael Adnani said “Last year, we had more on the app, but still did our Web and desktop. In the next year or so, we’re going to be only mobile. A year ago, six percent of our traffic was coming from mobile. In less than 18 months, that traffic is 10-fold. That shows the significance of what a mobile phone is doing for the consumers and consequently doing for us.”

Flipkart dispatches 8 million items per month, two-thirds of which are ordered from smaller towns and cities. Their switch to a mobile only service is sensible, given that desktop and broadband services can be limited in such areas. While not quite at the pace of Myntra, the Flipkart app is also seeing increasing sales through its mobile application.

It is clear that Flipkart would like to tap into the rural market, especially considering the increasing affordability of smartphones. Online business and smartphone participation in purchases is only expected to increase over the years.


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