Rebooting India


Can Manmohan Singh Pull Off a Repeat Trick?

Nitin Desai is a leading economist, a policy makar in sustainable development and was thw Under-Secretary for Economic and social Affairs at the UNRead More >

People who talk about gloom actually get gloomy’

Abhijit Sen, Member, Planning Commission, tells Shoma Chaudhury that finding domestic scapegoats for an international problem is not the answer to an ailing economy. Read More >

‘The world sees India as a country without a government’

Indira Rajaraman is a fiscal economist and visiting professor at the Indian Statistical Institute, New Delhi. She diagnoses for Shoma Chaudhury why the economy is in an appalling situation. Read More >

‘There are signs that our growth model will survive’

Arvind Subramanian, senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics, tells Ashok Malik why he is optimistic about India’s growth despite the precarious situation it finds itself in. Read More >

Vanquish the Ghosts of the Licence Raj

One of india’s foremost right-wing economic thinkers Jaithirth Rao is founder and chairman of volue and Budget Housing Corporation, a company in the affordatble housing space.  Read More >


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