Ready to whistle and dance?



Anees Bazmee 

Salman Khan, Asin

The Plot

Prem (you-bet-who) is a street-smart super antihero- next-door. Sanjana (you-bet-who) has run away from home because her cruel uncles want her to marry the boys of their choice as she is to inherit a fortune. The two cross paths and realise they are meant to be together. And then a loosely-tied set of gags and cons, orchestrated by Prem, Sanjana and Prem’s family, reunites and reforms the mamas.

By Mona J

+10 For Starting Salman’s Voiceover Discovery Hindi ‘nar aur maada’ style.

10 For Mahesh Manjrekar’s ‘that word I can’t recall’ comic innuendo. Beaten to death. Jatin Kanakia did it best in Khoobsurat.

-10 For The Dheela Song. Minus 20 for all the other songs. Except: *whistles* Dhinka chika dhinka chika dhinka chika!

-10 For Sound Effects to punctuate punchlines. Don’t tell us when to laugh!

+5 To Asin For Doing Her Job Well. Plus five to Paresh Rawal, the geek accountant living off mob money.

+5 Because Eva Grover’s Comic Timing is always delightful.

+10 For Terrible, Terrible Camp Lines. Minus 10 for the language, could have been more refined.

-10 For Preaching Women Empowerment. They were doing a good job showing. Why resort to telling?

+10 For Saving Camp Scenes by pushing them over the top and bragging about Prem’s superhuman powers.

-10For Unimaginative Comic Fights. Plus 10 for the climax sequence, though. It has a rickshaw chase too!

+5 For Sharat Saxena’s Uber Cool Entry. Plus five for the self-aware bhaade ke tattus.

+5 For Salman’s Predictable Shirtlessness, the meta-scene preceding it. And plus five for Prem’s perfect-10 Neo landing.

+5 For Salman’s Bracelet *whistles*. Plus 10 for his shirt-popping heartbeat!

+10Because… Dhinka chika dhinka chika dhinka chika *whistles and does hands-in-pocket dance move*.


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