Ram Madhav takes a dig at Aamir Khan, criticises award wapsi

Faux pas Ram Madhav has embarrassed not only himself but the BJP as well with his distasteful tweet, Photo: Vijay Pandey
BJP national general secretary Ram Madhav Photo: Vijay Pandey

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) national general secretary Ram Madhav has appealed to those who returned awards to consider the impact of such acts on the country’s image.

Speaking at a function held at a local college, he took a dig at actor Aamir Khan, who recently courted controversy over his remarks on perceived intolerance in the country. Without naming the actor, he said: “On the one hand you teach auto drivers that they should safeguard the country’s honour, but on the other you aren’t teaching your wife to respect one’s nation. This is ridiculous.”

Madhav was referring to an ‘Incredible India’ advertisement, featuring Khan, that showed an auto driver coming to help a tourist tricked by another autowallah.

Recalling Swami Vivekananda’s Chicago address, Madhav said, “BJP would honour the diversity of the country and strive for equality. We’re committed to the dignity, rights and the security of every single person in this country.” The government will ensure that in the coming times will see no need for “award-wapsi”. Madhav said there will be no compromise on the security of the country’s borders and self-respect. There’s no need to return awards for that.”

Stating that while expressing one’s dreams for the country, one can be politically incorrect too, he said: “We feel pained we are living in such an atmosphere.”

In an apparent dig at Aamir, who recently courted controversy over his remarks on perceived intolerance in the country, Madhav said, “It will not work that you preach to an autowallah how the country’s prestige has to be saved, but not tell the same to your own wife.”