Rakhi Sawant’s comment on AIB turns out to be hilarious


RAKHI SAWANTThe AIB grabbed all the attention for their Knockout Roast Episode. Whatever that was said and done in the show, gave birth to a lot of controversies. Many FIRs were filled. People argued, agreed and disagreed on the topic. One saw a lot of debates take place on the Social Networking Sites.

A lot of B-towners reacted on the whole roast, From Aamir khan to Kareena Kapoor to  the government everyone has had something or the other to say about this roast. And alos jumping the bandwagon in the race for comments on the issue was  Rakhi Sawant. She too had her point to say on  the AIB Roast controversy. If you are tired of watching reactions to the AIB Roast, we bet this one by Rakhi Sawant will make you roll on the floor laughing. This is Stupidity at its best. Recently, at Gurmeet Chauhary’s birthday bash, during the interaction Rakhi Sawant claims that the AIB Roast was morphed and that Karan Johar didn’t actually say those things. They were dubbed by someone else. She feels they are being targeted. Sure Rakhi. Her naivety will definitely crack you up and make you want to bang your head against a wall.

Rakhi Sawant’s revelation has been a game changer and we can even see AIB co-founder Tanmay Bhatt not denying her words. Reacting to Ms Sawant’s comments he tweeted on his official Twitter account that it was his favourite reaction so far.


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