Rajpath gears up for International Yoga Day



The government is leaving no stone unturned to make the  International Yoga day on June 21 a grand success. Expecting to beat the world record of 37,000 people performing Yoga at  Rajpath. The Central government has  made extensive security arrangements  for the event with 3000 policemen and 1500 traffic police personnels. The entire area of Rajpath has been blocked off for making the arrangements, and will remain the same till the celebrations end on June 21.

With around 150 CCTV surveillance cameras already installed in Rajpath, the government will provide air – cover and anti – aircraft weapons will be on standby during the event. More cameras and recording devices are expected to be installed in the places where people are likely to gather. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the crowd during the performance. The participants of the performance of asanas at Rajpath  will include members of armed forces, National cadet corps, government officials and school children. Arrangements have been made for the armed forces to perform Yoga on board warships, even at Siachen – world’s highest battlefield.

Accrding to media reports , security forces will be deployed in full strength from 3 am onwards as the event is scheduled to begin at 7 am. Over 40,000 people, including ministers, political leaders and government officials, are expected to participate.

The overall security for the occasion would be as tight as it is during the Republic Day parade (on January 26), he said. Delhi Traffic Police have divided Rajpath and the nearby areas in two zones – red and green – to ensure smooth flow of traffic as people perform yoga asanas (postures) marking the UN-sponsored International Yoga Day.

Seating arrangement is made in the lawns, much as on Republic day, to facilitate movement for observers from Guinness World Record. The event will be observed in governmental and government backed institutions all over the country, while ruling party’s parliamentarians and legislators are expected to carry out the observance in their respective constituencies. The international Yoga day will be observed in 250 countries across the world, led by Indian missions.



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