Rajnath Singh vows Protection of Minorities

Rajnath Singh, Union Home Minister
Rajnath Singh, Union Home Minister

Amid the huge controversy following the demolition of churches in various parts of the country, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh said government will take strong action against anyone found guilty for such acts. The union minister also said that “religious conversion” was unnecessary, and that strong “anti-conversion” measures were required in the country.

 Addressing a conference of state minority commissions attended by representatives of various minority communities, the home minister questioned the practice of conversions and advocated a debate on the need for an anti-conversion law. He also wanted to know whether people cannot be served without indulging in conversions.

“In other countries it is the minorities which ask for anti-conversion law. Here, we are only saying that there should be an anti-conversion law. There should be debate over it. We must think on bringing anti-conversion law. I humbly request all of you to think over it,” Mr. Singh said.

The Home Minister said he would like to request all state governments to take strongest possible action for the protection of minorities. Promising to protect minorities, the BJP leader said, “I want to tell the whole country, even through law and order is a state subject, I will do everything for the protection of minority. I will go to any extent for this. I say this in the name of god.”


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