Rajnath Singh slams Nirbhaya documentary maker for violating permissions

Photo PTI
Photo PTI

Expressing deep regret of the BBC documentary on Nirbhaya, Union Home minister Rajnath Singh has made a statement in the Rajya Sabha on the issue of telecast of the controversial interview of Nirbhaya’s rapist. The home minister said the permission conditions were violated by the documentary maker. He said that permission had been granted for social purposes and the documentary was not to be used for commercial reasons and in the public arena. He assured the House no such permission would be granted in the future. He added that a restraining order had been obtained against the interview’s telecast, and a report has been sought from Tihar Jail where the rapist was incarcerated. Government will ensure dignity of women, Rajnath Singh said.

While speaking to BBC Four from his cell in an interview that appears in ‘India’s Daughter’, a BBC Storyville documentary, Mukesh Singh, the rapist, said that a girl is ‘far more responsible for rape’ than a boy.

 He said housework and housekeeping was the domain of girls and they had no rights to roam or visit discos and bars at night. “They are doing wrong things, wearing wrong clothes,” he said, and added that only ’20 percent’ of the girls were good.

 Singh added that executing him and the other convicts in the case will further endanger rape victims as now, when girls are raped, they will not leave the victim but will kill her. He showed no remorse for the attack, which he referred to as an ‘accident’.


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