Rajasthan’s move to call Maharana Pratap ‘The Great of Greats’ approved

Rajnath Singh, Union Home Minister
Rajnath Singh, Union Home Minister

Union home minister Rajnath Singh on 18 May approved the Rajasthan government’s move to introduce Mewar ruler, Maharana Pratap, as someone greater than Mughal emperor Akbar, in the state’s school curriculum.

Singh said Akbar was “The Great”, but Maharana Pratap was “The Great of Greats”.

“I have no objection in calling Akbar as ‘The Great’, but what objection can there be to accept Maharana Pratap as the ‘Great of Greats’ is beyond my comprehension,” he said, while addressing a gathering after unveiling a statue of Maharana Pratap in Pratapgarh district on Sunday.

The event was organised to celebrate Maharana Pratap’s 475th birth anniversary.

Last month, education minister Vasudev Devnani had said Maharana Pratap was ‘the real Great’ and not Akbar which sparked a controversy. His proposal to introduce a chapter on him in the school curriculum was viewed by his political rivals as a move to belittle Akbar.

The education department has formed a committee to look into the issue but the report is awaited. “I feel Maharana’s true value was not done in history the way it should have been,” Singh said.


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