Rahul Gandhi on net neutrality: ‘Government carving and handing net over to corporates’


rahul-gandhiRahul Gandhi has now made his opinion known on the hotly debated net neutrality issue. He demanded that the Lok Sabha discuss the issue in their ongoing meeting, believing that the issue is vital to the youth.

Before the session began, Gandhi told reporters outside that he was “going to mention a few words about net neutrality in the Parliament just now” and that they would “hear about it”.

Speaking in the parliament, the Congress Vice-President said, “Over 1 million people are fighting for net neutrality and the government is trying to carve out the net and hand it over to the corporates.”

Ravi Shankar Prasad, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, disagrees with Rahul Gandhi’s conclusion: “It is a sensitive issue on which we need to take proper, informed decision. But our government believes in the need for non-discriminatory internet platform. My government is serious about the issue. It will do all that is possible to uphold the freedom of internet. TRAI’s report in this regard will be considered by Telecom Commission first.”

Rahul Gandhi has been gathering momentum in the past week, after having a difficult few months. The Congress party suffered a severe loss earlier and Gandhi had taken a much-discussed two-month sabbatical. He has jumped right into the thick of things since his arrival, with positive signs. The Kisan Khet Rally held on Sunday, opposing the Land Bill, was successful. Monday’s Lok Sabha speech has been christened, in the internet’s curious way, as #RahulRoars.

The net neutrality issue concerns the equal treatment of services offered over the internet. Opposers believe that internet service providers must not discriminate between services and sites online.


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