Rahul Gandhi continues with his tirade against Modi in Jaunpur


Rahul-Gandhi1Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi launched a blistering attack against Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a public meeting in Jaunpur district of UP.

In a face-off against Modi, Gandhi sought to know when “Modi has the names of those people who hold Swiss Bank accounts but why is he not revealing the names?”

Gandhi said, the Congress was not against cashless economy, but there should be a way in launching it. It should not be imposed on the poor and middle class by forcing them to stand in serpentine queues. Gandhi said that it was pity that some of them had died due to exhaustion.

While Gandhi was lashing out against the PM, Modi addressing a rally in Kanpur on December 19 extolled the step taken by the Election Commission to bring abut electoral reforms. “The Congress that took credit for bring out mobile connectivity in the country, now stands against my proposal to people to turn their phones into digital banks,” said Modi.

Continuing with his Modi-bashing, Gandhi said that Indian economy was controlled by a few families. He said mere 1 per cent people control 60 per cent of money in India. It is quite unfortunate.

Demonetisation was more like bombing on the people. The PM knows that the black money coffers are with the ones who own real estate businesses. While this was so, was it not a pity that the note ban was affecting those who have no say in controlling black money?

Gandhi said that the BJP government has made Mahatama Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act into a virtual joke.