Radhika Apte Leaked Nude Video: Fallout of Social Media?



Leaked nude video tapes are a common phenomenon in a closely knit digital world. Ire against such nude videos is not misplaced but neither is the fact that such incidents are fallouts of the most disruptive invention of our age – the internet. Free access to a global audience only makes it more lucrative to post sensational content. And we thought only the television was plagued by TRPs. Take the case of the leaked nude video of actor Radhika Apte which went viral on Whatsapp.

The video originally a clip of an international short film shot by Anurag Kashyap, has Apte exposing herself to the camera. The leak was followed by an FIR by the director who expressing his outrage at the incident said he felt responsible for the humiliation bought to Apte. While the Crime Branch investigates the incident, we carry out an investigation of our own to arrive at what seems to be the perfect recipe for online sensationalism.

First, find a woman. It can be a well known actor Deepika Padukone or a relatively newer one Radhika Apte. She can be doing routine work, attending a press conference or shooting for a film. Secondly, find out something that can be exploited. Try zooming into her cleavage for instance and then making a big deal about it. How could you forget that nudity or anything related makes for good viewership? So, get that in too. Umm, now that our dish is ready where is it to be served up? Facebook? Whatsapp? Youtube? Wait, what do you want? Likes, hits or shares? Take your time. Not too much time mind you, lest better sense prevail! Ah, so you just want it to be viewed and shared.

Just to get it out there to derive sadistic pleasure? So what if it is to do with the life of an actor who is also a human being? Whatsapp should do the job! Now sit back and enjoy! Incidents like these make it clear that while a section of netizens love riding the wave of mindless sensationalism, others like Kashyap cry hoarse to draw the likes of them out of their rat holes.


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