‘Publishers Are trying out New concepts’ – PULKIT AHUJA


Pulkit Ahuja is a serial entrepreneur and author. He has experience in founding and successfully running disruptive technology startups in transportation, adtech and education domains. Ahuja is an MBA Gold Medallist with a Computer Science engineering background. He is also the author of bestselling financial fiction Googled by God. Pulkit co-authored his first book Risk Management in Basel while he was pursuing his MBA

How did CabsGuru happen?

CabsGuru happened as a result of the issues we were experiencing time and again. With so many taxi aggregators coming up, the problem of plenty was visibly prevalent in the Indian cab market. A cross operator comparison and booking platform was increasingly becoming the need of the hour. Cabsguru was the answer to this.

What drove you to write your own book? How is it like juggling between entrepreneurship and writing?

To be honest, I am not always juggling between a doer’s hat and that of a writer’s. With so much interesting stuff happening everyday in one’s life as an entrepreneur, I just try to express my experiences in what I write. So my writings to a certain degree reflect or relate to what I might have gone through or what I might have seen happening around me.

Why did you choose the genre thriller? How has Googled by God been received?

The genre of thriller came in quite organically as a part of the background of the book revolves around entrepreneurs and stock markets — both of which are packed with adrenaline rush. The book’s response has been better than what I had initially expected. Around 2,000 copies of the book had been sold in the first three months which is not at all a bad number for a first work of fiction. Also, the reviews I received for Googled by God have been encouraging, with a lot of readers wanting me to write a second part.

Since Chetan Bhagat, several entrepreneurs and bankers are turning to writing. How do you think this is shaping the publishing industry?

There is definitely a huge demand among the readers for books based on fresh ideas and new concepts. Of late, readers have been subjected to the same old chocolate romance with nothing new from the authors. Even the publishers now want to experiment with books based on unconventional concepts from new authors.

What prompted you to turn down an offer of investment at a million dollar valuation? And what tips would you give to youngsters?

The million dollar valuation offer has turned into a three and a half million dollar valuation in four months. That is why I believe we are on the right track with Cabsguru. My only advice for youngsters is that they should never undersell themselves. A lot of things have to come together for magic to happen. If you see that happening, hold on tight and enjoy the ride.

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