Sophie Chaudhary, Singer, VJ

Would you give up a great role if your partner didn’t approve of it?
When it comes to work, I have always tried not to embarrass my family and loved ones, but there is a limit to how far I would go. If a boyfriend is uncomfortable, I may have to look at our relationship again, because work is very important to me.

What is the best and worst thing about being a celebrity?
I can’t be hypocritical and say I don’t want to be recognised. I went to Pakistan some time back, and people came and hugged me at the airport. On the flip side, I hate the rubbish I read about myself. The media judges what it sees of you externally. It’s as if Sophie can’t be sexy and intelligent at the same time. They make you so one-dimensional.

Do you think men expect you to be like your on-screen personal?
Men are intimidated by me as my on-screen persona is so strong and sexy. So it takes them time to approach me and then move past what they initially expected. The real Sophie is not a party girl. I am a family person, and I have very traditional values. For example, I would never live in with a guy. I will have to have a traditional wedding.

What qualities do you find unbearable in the opposite sex?
I really dislike men who are loud, obnoxious and narrow minded. It shows that they lack class and education — things that are very important to me.

How important is physical compatibility for a relationship to survive? 
I think it’s very important because of the intimacy it creates. A physical connection is very vital for a relationship to survive. But being a woman, emotional connections matter much more to me.

Is a legal union necessary? 
Since it’s such a big thing in our country, I have to try and experience marriage once at least!


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