Ishita Arun, Actor

A childhood memory that you cherish?
From what stories I hear, I was quite a handful. My uncle Piyush Pandey was my roommate. He was in his partying twenties and I was four! At one party, I asked one of his friends for a dance. I have always been quite the charmer!

Do you have any regrets?
I only learn through mistakes. I have made millions! But I wish that I had studied further to sharpen my craft. In the middle, I was a little unfocussed and went astray.

What do you mean ‘astray’? 
Like all people in showbiz, I have had my share of drinking, partying and not taking my work seriously. But after a while, life forces you to get a grip. When I realised that I was not for the market anymore, I almost gave up. But I was back on track soon enough.

What brought you back on track? 
I am a devoted Nichiren Buddhist. It has taught me to channel my negatives constructively.

Has your idea of love changed over time? 
In school, boys weren’t into me, but afraid of me because I was so large. When you are young, if someone makes you look or feel cooler, then he is the ONE. Love is about being a full-fledged individual while sharing your space with someone else.

So how did you know that you had found ‘the one’?
When I was six, my future husband and I were co-actors in Trikaal. On the first day of shooting, I locked myself up and said I won’t come out till Dhruv agrees to marry me. I guess I always knew!

What would you like to change about yourself?
My parents are absolutely great and deserve to be treated royally. I have always loved them, but like a brat, I have often taken them for granted. I am still trying to be a better daughter.


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