Protests break out ahead of Trump’s swearing in as 45th US President


usa-election-obama-trumpHours before Donald J Trump will take oath as the 45th President of the United States, massive anti-Trump protests broke out in the Big Apple and Washington.

Actor Robert De Niro, filmmaker Michael Moore, singer Cher, comedian Alec Baldwin and New York Mayor Bill De Blasio joined the protests.

Ahead of Trump’s oath taking and inaugural parade, Washington DC has literally turned into a fortress. Around 28,000 personnel will take care of security arrangements as the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court will swear the former reality TV star as the 45th US President.

As per the official itinerary, before taking the oath, Trump will attend traditional worship service at St John’s Episcopal Church after which he will meet former US President Barack Obama and proceed to the venue.

On the eve of Trump’s oath taking ceremony, hundreds of protesters clashed with riot police who used pepper spray against the protesters, as per footage on social media. An anti-Trump protester said he does not know about the world and that he was entirely unfit for the presidential post. Since the President-elect was also not much in favour of maintaining women’s rights, the women are against him for that reason,  a woman protester added. Stating that Trump doesn’t have proper ethics, she said he has to understand the challenges that the US faces.

Close to a million people, are likely to come to Washington for the inauguration ceremony and will watch the proceedings on 11 giant-sized LED screens.

After being sworn is as the next US President, Trump, it was felt, would undo more than 275 orders signed by the Obama administration.

Meanwhile, Mexico had extradited top drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, 59, to New York on the eve of Trump’s presidency. The cartel leader’s career has included two jail breaks and a leading role in a national drug war until his arrest last year.

The timing of the move was, however, unclear — was it an olive branch to Trump or a last-minute gift to outgoing US President Barack Obama.