‘Professionals who used to be apathetic are finding hope in AAP and backing us’

Sarah Joseph
Sarah Joseph | 68 | Writer & Activist | Thrissur, Kerala. Photo: T Mohan Das

I am a writer. I never thought that I would join a political party or fight an election. However, over the past few years, there has been a wave of people’s movements across the world. People have taken to the streets to agitate, to stand up for their rights. I think this same sentiment was reflected in India when thousands rose up against corruption under Anna Hazare, and from that movement emerged Arvind Kejriwal’s party.

I find that today, people are powerless and we have to do something to recapture our nation. That’s why I joined AAP. For me, the transparency aspect of AAP’s funding is very important. I am sure that the transparent funding system will continue, otherwise I will not be in the party.

It’s important to focus on both national and local issues. Our country is ruled by corporates — they have managed to buy the political class through corruption. We have to recapture our land, water and air. But at a local level, Thrissur is riddled with problems. It is underdeveloped and people are struggling to have their basic needs met. Access to drinking water is a huge concern as is the issue of waste management.

I know that if I come to power, I will face a lot of hurdles from within the system. However, there is no choice. We have to fight to reclaim our nation. If AAP comes to power, we will witness a magical change in the country, because after 67 years of Independence, we will have an opportunity to make our country a strong democracy.

The system that the rulers are following is against the people. There is no hope and that is why many people abstain from voting because they don’t see any option before them. AAP offers hope. We are against corruption, corporates and for transparency. Slowly, professionals who used to be apathetic are finding hope in AAP and backing us.

As told to Avalok Langer


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