Power Bites

Illustration: Mayanglambam Dinesh
Illustration: Mayanglambam Dinesh

Bumper Yields

The wide-ranging business interests of our netas are legendary. From cricket to mining to farming, the possibilities are endless. And so it seems are the profits. Take NCP chief Sharad Pawar’s daughter Supriya Sule. In her election affidavit, her profession is mentioned as farming. She declared an income of Rs 52 crore from her 10-acre farm in 2009. But, magically, the same plot yielded Rs 113 crore in this year’s affidavit. Perhaps, she should share the secrets to her bumper yields with the hapless farmers of Maharashtra who are killing themselves due to failed crops?

Valley of  Wealth

Taking on opponents during election rallies can boomerang sometimes. Ask National Conference leader and former Jammu & Kashmir chief minister Farooq Abdullah, who wondered aloud about the Rs 98 crore wealth of the PDP’s Tariq Hamid Qarra, as opposed to his own Rs 13 crore. The PDP hit back with a list of Abdullah’s movable and immovable assets, and rubbed it in by saying that since 1931, when Farooq’s father Sheikh Abdullah left his government job, the Abdullahs were only in the “business of politics”.

Illustration: Mayanglambam Dinesh
Illustration: Mayanglambam Dinesh

Rapid Ageing

The sitting Congress MP from Inner Manipur constituency, Thokchom Meinya, faced a peculiar problem while filing his nomination. According to his affidavit, Meinya declared his age as 69. Interestingly, in his declaration before the 2009 General Election, he had shown his age as 58. In effect, he has grown older by 11 years in the past five years. Meinya attributed his rapid ageing problem to an error in the 2009 affidavit.

Khan Do Much

SP strongman Azam Khan’s stars seem to have come under a cloud ever since the Congress’ Imran Masood hogged the limelight for his hate speech against Narendra Modi in Saharanpur. Under pressure to keep the Muslim flock from straying towards Masood, Khan did a metoo. But the move backfired as the EC banned his public rallies. Now he is ruing the day he opened his mouth. Worse, none of the SP’s Muslim netas has come forward to back him.

Illustration: Mayanglambam Dinesh
Illustration: Mayanglambam Dinesh

Inner-Party Games

Rajnath Singh’s meeting with top Muslim clerics in his constituency Lucknow has come in handy for his detractors within the BJP. No one knows what transpired in the meeting, but a joke is already doing the rounds internally. That Singh has assured the Shia and Sunni leaders that only he can stop Modi from becoming the PM, so the Muslims must vote for him. And if he loses from Lucknow, then none can stop Modi from the top job.


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