Power bites

Illustrations: Anand Naorem, Mayanglambam Dinesh

Sins of the Father
CONGRESS DYNASTIC warfare has broken out in Kerala. Former minister R Balakrishna Pillai, once jailed in a corruption case, and his only son KB Ganesh Kumar, a film actor turned minister for forests, are locked in a fight. Pillai has sought his son’s sacking on grounds of corruption and immorality. Factionalists of both allege father and son possess sex CDs of each other. Being part of the Nair clan, caste is also playing a part. Pillai met Vellapally Natesan, general secretary of the SNDP Yogam, and lobbied against his son. Natesan promptly issued a statement questioning Ganesh Kumar’s character but Chief Minister Oommen Chandy remains unmoved.


India in Numbers

Rs 12,000 CR
Expected Revenue by the Up Govt from the Kumbh Mela

1,200 Cr  Total Budget of the Mela

6,00,000  People to get employment

Man from Patna
The recent meeting in New Delhi between Saibal Gupta of Patna think-tank Asian Development Research Institute and Rahul Gandhi has set tongues wagging. Gupta, one of Bihar’s leading political scientists, is considered close to Nitish Kumar and is seen by his side at numerous “intellectual events”. While the Bihar unit of the Congress remains clueless, many wonder if this is an early attempt by Nitish and Rahul to reach out to each other, in the run-up to 2014.


Vanar Sena

The government can’t monitor those damned news channels! Seventy percent of television cables in North Block, seat of the Union home ministry, has been destroyed by monkeys. About two years ago, a decision was taken to tackle the simian security threat but to no avail. The Delhi High Court has asked for the monkeys to be shied to the outskirts of the city. Langurs have been employed to shoo them away, but the problem remains.

What, me pm?
The international media’s claim that P Chidambaram is the prime minister of a potential UPA 3.0 has led to a lot of ribbing of the poor man. At a recent event in a Delhi hotel, Chidambaram found himself in the elevator with Salman Khurshid. The latter addressed the former as “PM”. “PC, not PM,” was the response. “Okay, PM in waiting,” Khurshid said. The response was rapierlike: “That position is only for Mr Advani!”


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