Power Bites

Illustrations: Anand Naorem, Mayanglambam Dinesh

Family works department 

The Yadav family battle in UP is getting even more complicated. Prateek, Mulayam’s second son, and Ankur, son of PWD and Irrigation Minister Shivpal (Mulayam’s brother) fought over the awarding of a lucrative PWD tender. Each favoured a crony. As financial year 2012-13 reached its final days, Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav had to intervene and get his warring kid brother and cousin to compromise. Ankur, with the support of his father, grabbed the contract. The assurance given was the first major PWD contract of 2013-14 would be awarded with Prateek’s blessings. At this rate Mulayam and his endless clan may end up resembling the Karunanidhi family.


VK versus KK

Tejinder Khanna’s term as Delhi’s lieutenant governor is about to end. Two names are being mentioned as possible successors. VK Duggal, the former home secretary, has had one job after another since he retired from the IAS. Having begun his career in the army, he is an old Delhi hand and once served as commissioner, Municipal Corporation of Delhi. The other name is that of KK Paul, former Delhi police commissioner. His wife, Omita, is secretary to the President of India.


Karuna’s Lanka Logic

Karunanidhi is a worried man. Apparently one yet-to- be-published WikiLeaks cable dismisses his compassion for the Tamil cause in Sri Lanka as decidedly selective. The implication is his support was limited to the LTTE and he looked the other way as it wiped out other Tamil power centres. Incidentally, while the DMK wants an economic boycott of Sri Lanka, SpiceJet is still flying to Colombo and Sunrisers Hyderabad is happily selecting Lankan cricketers for the IPL. Both are owned by the Karunanidhi family.

Kashmir’s Khar

It’s been only weeks since Shahnaz Ganai was elected to the J&K legislative council but she has already made an impression. This is not just because she moved a Bill to reserve seats for women in buses, but due to her resemblance to former Pakistan foreign minister Hina Rabbani Khar. She has even borrowed mannerisms from the more famous lady, including the slant of the dupatta over her head. Er, and the Birkin bag?

Costly Divorce

The crisis in Kerala’s UDF government is over. KB Ganesh Kumar has publicly apologised to his wife Yamini Thankachy, who filed a police complaint accusing him of beating her. Ganesh Kumar had to resign as minister and his MLA seat was in jeopardy. It appears Yamini has agreed to withdraw her complaint and grant a quick divorce. In return, her husband will pay her Rs 3 crore it is believed.


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