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‘THERE ARE experienced journalists behind the whole THiNK festival, who have an instinct about what the country is going through and what it needs. It is not about right or wrong. We are not here to find solutions, but to become more sensitive and aware of what is happening around us’
Prasoon Joshi, Adman & Lyricist

‘THANK YOU for an entertaining, intellectually stimulating festival. I think it was one of the best conferences I have attended in a long while. I am already looking forward to next year. Hats off to your team!’
Aysha Rau

‘THE SESSIONS WERE AN EYE-OPENER and you have motivated me to think about rural India. Every chapter of the THiNK fest was enlightening and the evenings were full of fun’
Anoop Kumar

‘I HAVE BEEN at THiNK for about three hours now and we have explored everything from Afghanistan to the Internet to mathematics being relevant to the world of football in terms of prime numbers. It’s incredible how you have snapshots of everything that is relevant to us. It’s mental sex at its best’
Pooja Bedi, Actor

IT’S WONDERFUL to be away from the normal political atmosphere, amongst people who are actually using their minds on so many types of subjects’
Vasundhara Raje Scindia, Senior BJP Leader

‘I HAVE NO WORDS to express how enthralling every moment of the three days was! We all came home with our minds, brains and souls exploding. Thanks once again. Just one tiny suggestion: you could safely cut your programmes by 25 percent and add length to some of the power speakers’
Bina Ramani

‘DURING MY MANY years with the Tata Group and then Microsoft, I have attended many meetings, conferences and brainstorming sessions globally, but I believe that this is the best one so far. While I was there for only half of it (the latter half), I am officially a fan and an evangelist from now on’
Jaspreet Bindra

‘I AM SURE you must have received mails, tweets, SMSes for the absolutely fabulous way you conducted the THiNK extravaganza. What an amazing line-up of speakers; it was educative. I salute you and your team’
Astad Deboo, Contemporary Dancer

‘I DON’T REMEMBER THE LAST TIME I was this excited to be somewhere. I have attended the last three sessions and don’t think I’m going to miss one again’
Zoya Akhtar, Filmmaker

‘I THINK IT IS A GREAT FESTIVAL. The kind of opinions and discussions taking place here are extremely effectual’
Prahlad Kakkar, Adman

‘THiNK IS AS MUCH ABOUT the people who come to attend as those who are actually talking, because you get to meet a wide spectrum of people under one roof in three days. TEHELKA has always been a renegade and the rebellious thinking is exemplified in their choice of speakers’
Rahul Bose, Actor

Shah Rukh Khan
Had a free therapy session at the THiNK fest. Now exhausted… long night awaits a longer day..Yogesh Parmar#THiNK2012 will be lauded for being authentic and soul-stirring. But its tallest achievement is TEHELKA’s egalitarian conduct of it. RespectTulsi Mehta
@ShomaChaudhury Fantastic job with THiNK 2012. Your level of preparation and ability to conduct sessions was really remarkableRoshan Abbas
What a team! I’m so glad that for the rest of the year they are busy with journalism. Kudos for #THiNK2012Mansi Dharmraj
You’ve seen him baring his chest, SRK is now baring his soul, and stirring mine. I know THIS is how I will remember him. #THiNK2012Jerry Johnson
Three days of eating, drinking and thinking with amazing people from all over the world is now over. From surreal to real nowPrashant Rao#THiNK2012 raised the bar for thought leadership events in India. Excellently curated and executed with precision. Take a bow, teamAtul S Nath
Superb three days at #THiNK2012. Lots of thoughts/ideas to process. Will take some monthsMona Eltahawy
My heroes! My day is made!


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