Post-Paris attacks: Heavy shooting in Saint-Denis



Fresh firing has been reported in Saint Denis, a northern suburb of Paris, on 18 November, five days after the Paris terror attacks. One person was said to be slightly injured in the incident. 

The operation was launched to catch one of the suspects from  the 13 November incident. It may be noted that St Denis is situated where the Stade de France is.

A special armed response unit took part in the operation in Saint-Denis, according to a source close to investigation. Roads have been closed down and large numbers of police officers and police vehicles are taking part in the operation.

Deafening explosions and heavy shooting were heard from the area. Residents switched off all lights and are hiding. As per reports, “two or three men”  locked themselves into an apartment in the centre of the suburb, which is surrounded by dozens of police cars along with a police helicopter.

Shooting is taking place during a police operation reportedly connected to the search for the ninth terrorist, who is believed to be absconding. The footage shows the ninth terrorist open firing, along two other terrorists, at customers in a bar, located in central Paris. He was seated in a black car. Later, police found the car at Montreuil, a Paris suburb.

One of the other attackers in the car is believed to be Brahim Abdeslam, a Belgian jihadi who blew himself up on Paris’s Boulevard Voltaire. His brother, Salah Abdeslam, is on the run and is the target of a Europe-wide manhunt.

Earlier, two Air France flights en route to Paris from the United States were diverted because of security issues.


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