Pope Francis begins his Africa tour; Kenya to be his first stop


Brain Tumour, Tumor, Pope FrancisThe current Pope of the Roman Catholic Church is on a serious, and difficult mission, amid fears of Jihadist attacks and violence, as he starts his official visit to Africa, with his planned stops in Kenya, Uganda, and the Central African Republic. This trip is likely to focus on human rights violation, expanded political rights, religious tolerance, and emphasizing respect for minorities.

With his first pit-stop in Kenya, on 23 November, he is expected to stress over effects of climate change, as the underprivileged are greatly affected by changing weather conditions.

Furthermore, the Human Rights Watch has addressed the Pope through a letter, showcasing a list for all the necessary issues to be looked into, including, violence, crimes by security forces, political manipulation of ethnicity, factors that led Kenya’s electoral crisis in 2007 to 2008, leaving many dead.

The HRW has also called for a discussion with regards to violence towards sexual, and gender minorities, gay’s rights, as well as security issues. As reported by Reuters, Jackson Mukasa, from Uganda, who was in prison on suspicions of committing homosexual acts, said, “I would request the Pope to at least make people know that being LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) is not a curse”. He also said that, being a homosexual in Uganda is a challenge, as you can be arrested for it or even be killed.

During the Pope’s travel, the main concern is going to be security issues, especially after the Paris attacks. His own security was doubled in the past, during his general audience in St. Peter’s square.

He also intends to visit a refugee camp in CAR’s capital, Bangui, where, as planned, he would pray at a mosque in a Muslim neighbourhood, from where Christians had been expelled.


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